Trevin Chengabroyen

As summer came to an end, and Autumn began it certainly didn’t signify any stop to the party. Waterworks Festival had finally arrived for its inaugural event at Gunnersbury Park, West London.

A festival primed with the best talent on the electronic music scene, we were super excited to see what this new festival had to offer. I’d previously been to a couple of festivals at Gunnersbury Park, which didn’t quite feel right as a venue so we were hoping to be proved wrong this time.

The tube journey west of London slowly filled up with fellow festival goers, brightly coloured and boisterous with the inevitable can of red stripe in hand. Oh to be young again.

After the 10-minute walk from the station, obviously picking up some light refreshments on the way, we edged closer to the festival. We got there around 2 and the queues to get in were fairly minimal, and it was hassle free to get in. Having our covid checks done on entry too.

As soon as we walked in there were signs which showed all the set times on each of the stages throughout the day. We all know the struggle of getting signal, and also the price festivals often charge for programmes. So this was a really nice touch, which also looked great. At the centre of the festival was the Water Tower stage, a real showpiece of a stage and as we walked around we could see just how much effort had gone into stage design. All unique in their own way, taking you on a different journey each time.

The first stage we checked out was the Pressure Stage - an open sided, open topped metal structure surround by shipping containers.London locals Krywald& Farrer were caressing the dancefloor with some sumptuous beats, getting the crowd warmed up. On our way to the Cedar Stage, we headed to the bar where we enjoyed the lack of queues and quick service. There were four or five bars on site so this would have been why.

The graveled Cedar Stage was simple structure with a close knit dancefloor and a vast array of lights. UnaiTrotti wonderfully brought together his unique mix of deep bassy beats and wacky sounds. Shuffling battles a plenty.

As the sun started setting we made our way to the Siren and Orbit stages, the Resident Advisor: Siren stage especially popping when Mala hit the stage. As the darkness set in, the electric light show the stages had to offer truly came to the fort. The Water Tower stage, with the epic 360 degree sound system was like a beacon of light hypnotising the crowd towards it. Job Jobse sent the crowd wild with an unbelievable set filled with mainstream samples and heavenly beats.

After checking out the Hi-Hat stage where Karenn was on stage, and a bit of Otik on Commune stage we had to go back to the Pressure Stage to end the festival with Saoirse. A mixture of Jazz, electro, ambient and evertything in between, she has the ability to effortlessly weave the most eclectic of sounds together, we couldn’t wait to see her. The only way I could describe the atmosphere on the stage was that of euphoria. The light show was amazing, and the way the stage was set up made it feel like a turbo charged house party. SO GOOD.

What a way to end our long awaited summer season of festivals. We can certainly say this was a job well done. Speaking to the festival goers too, there were only positives words about it. A great addition to the UK festival calendar, and one we’re looking forward to next year.

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