Trevin Chengabroyen

First of all, I hope you are all in good health in these unsettling times.

Unfortunately it is looking like many festivals will either be moved to later on in the year, or cancelled altogether due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Right now many festivals are looking at September as their new festival date, completely changing the face of when we attend many outdoor festivals in the UK. But what a September it would be!

We still remain positive that many from June onwards (maybe earlier) will still go ahead, but this is far from confirmed. The festivals up until then look likely to cancel, rearrange for later in the year or postpone altogether until next year - namely Glastonbury who have recently cancelled until 2021.

If you have already bought tickets, don’t worry. Most festivals are very understanding of the situation, allowing your ticket to be used next year if postponed, and if cancelled, allow you a full refund. Please speak directly to the festivals if you have any queries around this, or let us know and we'll do our best to help.

If you are looking to book tickets in the near future, great, but please make sure you look at the terms and conditions around your ticket purchase in order to make sure you’re entitled to a refund, or that your ticket will be transferable to next year if the festival doesn’t go ahead.

We will of course keep you as up to date as possible with news around various festivals. But in the meantime, stay positive!