Trevin Chengabroyen

The current Coronavirus situation has meant a drastic change in plans for many people, all but cancelling summer 2020. But stay strong people, we’ll be out of this soon and it’ll be better than ever!

One industry that has especially been hit is the festival industry, with most forced to postpone their festival until 2021. This has put a huge strain on many festivals financially, with some facing the reality that they may have to shutdown forever.

If you've already bought tickets there are things you can do to help though:

  1. Carry your ticket over to next year. Most festivals will allow this and it will help maintain enough cash flow for a festival to continue.
  2. Donate the cost of your ticket to the festival. Some offer this. Like the above, it would massively help. Understandably a much bigger ask though!

If you haven't already bought tickets, or want a little extra as part of your experience, some festivals are even offering various incentives as part of coming to the festival next year, here are a few you could get involved with, whilst helping the festival at the same time:





And of course, if you have bought tickets and are looking for a refund, don't worry, most festivals will allow this. All you need to do is contact either the ticketing company, or the festival directly.

For the most up to date information about UK festivals, do take a look at our festival listings. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.