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We chat to Lindsay Atkinson, creator of Atlas Festival, a brand new music meets travellers getaway festival. We find out what all the fuss is about...

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FFY The idea for Atlas Festival is truly unique, how did the idea develop and why did you choose the particular countries (Morocco, USA, Thailand and New Zealand) as some of the areas within the festival?

LA I absolutely love exploring this amazing planet we live on and have been fortunate enough to experience quite a few varied places. I come from an events background and wanted to bring my passion for travelling into the events world and that’s how Atlas was born! Atlas gives people the opportunity to experience what travelling feels like, whether they are a seasoned pro or just want to dip their toes in… The countries that appear in the festival are all places I’ve visited myself and adored, so it translates into a more authentic experience.

FFY It must be hugely time consuming putting on a brand new music festival, what is it that drives you every day?

LA Oh it is! This is 100% my life right now…eating, sleeping and breathing Atlas! I’ve always been quite self-motivated and driven naturally, however it is the thought of seeing my vision of the festival come to life and providing such a unique and entertaining show for the people that have taken a risk on a new event that will make every second worth it.

FFY There are hundreds of festivals in England at the moment, what is it that differentiates Atlas Festival from all the rest?

LA There are so many festivals out there that not a single person knows exactly how many! There is a little danger that it is a saturated market... However there are still little boutique festivals out there that are bringing something unique to the table and that’s why there is still a decent market for them to take on the big boys. Atlas is based on travelling and exploration, so rather than the usual ‘world music’ festivals that just focus on music, we’re bringing the experiences that you get whilst travelling into one place- the Adventure Park allows you to try out outdoor activities (such as rock climbing, paddle boarding and more), the Atlas Backpackers is based on a real hotel with dorm beds, board games and the chance to meet solo travellers with our SoloHour, the different countries that make for great Instagram shots and allow you to absorb the atmosphere of these great places, along with so much more in one beautiful parkland setting. Not only that, our music caters for everyone!

FFY The line-up is jam packed with nostalgia and fresh new music from all around the world - how did you go about choosing this?

LA I basically chose artists I love… I have no favourite genre and I thought there must be more people out there that would love to listen to some great rock/pop/indie/world bands, chill out with some jazz, then go and rave along to all forms of dance! Atlas is about the best of the world- so that’s why there is such an eclectic mix, it will keep the kiddies happy but also adults will appreciate the different styles. The new bands are an essential part of the lineup, all the guys playing are incredibly talented and may not have had the chance to have any exposure otherwise. I am so happy to give them that shot, and I expect most of them to have no. 1s in the next year or so!

FFY For you, what makes an amazing music festival?

LA A great atmosphere with great people, and the chance to escape ‘real life’.

FFY What's the one thing you want everyone coming to Atlas Festival to take away from it?

LA That they feel like they’ve really experienced something different, with new bands to listen to back at home, a sense of enjoyment and the satisfaction that they took the chance at being at the very first Atlas Festival!