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Fresh from his amazing Tomorrowland performance, Henri PFR tells us all about his rise in the music industry and why Anchorage Beach Club is the place to be this August.

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FFY You’ve become increasingly popular over the past few years, what was the turning point when you realised people were starting to take notice of your music?

Henri PFR It all started when a mixtape I did at home and posted online attracted millions of plays. It was very surreal and unexpected. It’s only when I started touring and meeting people that it started to be a little less surreal. Being able to share my music with people around the world has always been my dream and it’s now becoming a reality for which am everyday thankful.

FFY Your track with Raphaella ‘Until The End’ was about something very personal to you, is this where you get a lot of you lyrical inspiration from?

Henri PFR Until The End came after a break up… My heart was heavy and I did not want it to let me down so I chose to express myself through music. I opened my piano and started looking for melodies. At first it was a very discreet track, but then I decided to turn it into a happier and dancing song. This song is about an unlimited love story... We have all, or know someone who has, been ready to do anything for the one we love… until the end.

FFY What have been the hardest and the most memorable parts of your journey so far?

Henri PFR Behind every DJ sets or track I produce there is hard work but it’s all forgotten when I go on stage and my intro starts playing. The most memorable moment is without a double playing this year on the Main Stage of Tomorrowland. I still have goosebumps just by thinking about it.

FFY What was it about Anchorage Beach Club that attracted you to play there this year?

Henri PFR It will be the first time i ever play in the UK so it had to be memorable. The location of the Beach Club is simply amazing, music wise it’s going to be great summer vibes. 

More over Sam Feldt is a very good friend and it’s always a pleasure to be sharing the deck with him.

FFY Can’t wait to hear some new tracks from you, what are your plans for the rest of the year?

Henri PFR I have a lot of new tracks coming! I’m trying to go to a more Future Bass style, mixed with the Deep House that I’ve always produced. I tried to create a different universe than the usual and I really hope that you will like it. My next release is due for September.

Otherwise, I have a lot of cool dates coming up, with a busy summer and then touring in Asia and USA after the summer. It is really amazing!

 Photo credit: Lieke Anna