Festival For You

We chat to Nicholson of Normanton Street ahead of their much anticipated performance at HogSozzle next weekend. Their lyrically distinct, jazzy vibes have come a long way in the past few years, touring across the globe and receiving huge recognition. We recommend you see them while you still can.

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FFY You started out in Brighton, playing at the open mic nights and working your way up from there – what do you feel was the most important part in the development of you as a collective?

NS Yeah we kind of worked our way up from the bottom. Three or four open mics a week was normal at the time. The most important part is tough to say but I think on the most important things is the fact that we had the drive to keep going despite the very slow progress. Any slight bit of progression was enough. On top of that, we genuinely enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) every bit of the journey. 

FFY What been the biggest high of the band’s journey so far and what has been the lowest low? 

NS The New York experienced was incredible. Even thinking about it now is a little surreal. The reception we got over there was mad. The lowest low has to be an episode during the 'Mega Bus' tour. In 2013 we went around the north of England playing a few dates. Waiting at Sheffield coach station on the way back was a real test of physical, emotional and mental strength. Breaking down in France 2015 was pretty bad too. 

FFY How important is the music festival scene for yourselves, and other upcoming artists nowadays in building a fan base?

NS It's probably the busiest and most fun part of the year for most bands. It's a great opportunity to reach more people and gain plenty more fans. There are more and more festivals each year it seems, from Glastonbury to the local street party. We try and do as many as we can. 

FFY Hogsozzle is all about the RIDICULOUSNESS – what’s the most ridiculous thing that’s ever happened to you on stage?

NS A girl managed to sneak past security and jumped up on stage with us in Croatia. She then turned her back to the crowd and twerked for the whole song. 

FFY We here at FFY love your blend of hip hop, soul and Jazz and we can’t wait to see you at Hogsozzle  - what is it that made you want to perform there this year?

NS It was actually one of the promo vids I saw for the festival. It just kinda looked mad. Everyone really having a good time. Strong vibe. 

FFY You’re rapidly growing as a band having performed at the likes of SXSW and now many European festivals – where do you see yourselves this time next year?

NS Next year we hope to head over to New York again and build a more solid fan base in more cities across the UK.