Festival For You

We catch up with the unmistakable Goldie Lookin’ Chain ahead of their performance at Atlas Festival this July. Remember to use FFYATLAS at the checkout to get an exclusive 10% discount on all premium tickets!

FFY You guys broke onto the scene in 2004 with a top 10 album and a style of music never seen before, 13 years on, we haven’t heard as much from you in the last few years! What have you guys been up to?

GLC Well none of us have died yet which is always a bonus... We have been keeping the vibe alive in Newport South Wales working as unofficial Newport tourism promoters. We have also grown up a lot in the last 10 years or so, a few of the boys have even had kids and everything, some of the boys actually get to see them on the weekends too.

FFY You obviously still have a passion for creating new music, what is it that keeps the spark going?

GLC The GLC will never die, we will always be doing some form of music even if it does end up with us in an underpasssinging Angels by Robbie Williams shaking a cup for money for the bus. Also my mum makes me pay rent now so I need at least 20 quid a week. 

FFY What’s been the highest and lowest point of the bands career so far?

GLC We have met so many amazing people on our journey, the high points were meeting Puff Daddy and being invited to his studio on NewYork in 2005, the low point was meeting Puff Daddy and being invited to his studio on NewYork in 2005. Things can go from fun to not so fun very quickly when you’re in the GLC, let's just say Mike Balls has a dangerous relationship with cigarette lighters.

FFY Atlas Festival is a brand new, unique music festival for this year - what is it that made you want to perform at it this summer?

GLC The two reasons we are playing are; 1 we didn't have anything else going on that weekend and 2 you guys were giving away free gifts on your web site. We really love free stuff, that's why we get all the sauces at McDonalds. Lush.

FFY You seem to love the music festival scene, what are the essentials you always take with you?

GLC Wet wipes... That's all you need. Everyone wants to be your friend when you have wet wipes at a festival. We did V festival one year and Beyonce's tour manager paid me 20 quid for a pack of wet wipes, apparently she gets very sweaty in her area when she is on stage and it smells like blue cheese.

FFY What are your plans for the year?

GLC Not got any major plans, probably go to London for the day see what's going on. Might go to Barry Island at some point or West Wales. We are putting out a new album in September, it's very good.