Festival For You

We catch up with Nick De Han, one of the festival directors at Wonderfields, about why this music festival is so popular this summer.

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FFY What made you come up with the idea for Wonder Fields?

NDH It began like every other crazy idea we have, around a pub table.

FFY What's been the hardest, and best moment since the festival began?

NDH The hardest was probably the realisation of the commitment that it takes. It's started as a hobby and so differentiating between the hobby that it started out as and then turning into a full time commitment and career path has been a journey. 

The best moments are enjoying doing what we are doing and watching everyone have a good time at the event and the prospect of continuing to do that in the future and making it better every year. Knowing we have a long term business plan and dedicating a good amount of time and energy into it is rewarding.

FFY Do you feel that the amount of music festivals on offer nowadays outweighs the amount of demand currently, resulting in it being increasingly difficult for you year on year to generate interest? 

NDH No. Although we are in a saturated market it adds to the challenge of providing a product that is in demand, just means we have to tailor our event to what the customers want which is the same in any industry. It's just about putting the time and energy into it that it deserves

FFY What makes Wonder Fields so different to any other music festival? 

NDH It's run by a family team which is the ethos that we want to run through the event; and that starts from the core team that look after the festival all through the year which resonates with the festival. We don't serotype our customers we provide a platform which allows our customers to choose where they want to go throughout the event by putting on such a widely diverse and eclectic range of entertainment.  

FFY What are you most looking forward to at Wonder Fields?

NDH A massage in the hot tub with a cheeky glass of prosecco (laughs). No, just the feeling to know that it's all gone well and everyone’s enjoying themselves is what I am looking forward to most.

FFY What 3 items would you recommend everyone brings to the festival?

NDH A smile, some good fun outfits and a bit of glitter never hurt.